Most Septic Jobs Completed in 1 Day

Modern Equipment & Technology Make the Difference

We have some of the newest and most innovative equipment available today for our line of work. This allows us to finish 98% of our jobs in one day. By reinvesting and updating our equipment we can meet your needs and keep up with today’s rigorous schedules. Our machines are laser controlled for a more accurate and level trench bottom. Not only is our equipment of high quality standards, but we use only the highest quality material. Our 4″ piping is schedule 40, which is much stronger than SDR 35 pipe. We use plastic distribution boxes with sealed O-rings, and water tight air tested concrete septic tanks. Also all of our equipment has tracks to eliminate ground compaction. This is a very important point. Soil compaction during site excavation, stockpiling of dirt, and backfilling inhibits the longevity of a septic system’s life. Smearing of the soil pores, which will happen if a septic system is installed in wet conditions, will also jeopardize the system. We have fabricated side cutter tips on our excavator bucket to eliminate smearing of the sidewalls.

All of our route tickets, pumping reminder notices, invoices, and scale drawings are computer generated. We also keep accurate records of all tank, and field locations. This has helped many of our clients when doing landscaping, building decks, swimming pools, room additions, etc.. The software that we use to log all of our customers data in was designed & developed by Ritam Technologies, LP Mark, Noah and the rest of the staff have been great to work with. Their support staff has helped us with programs designed around our special needs. Anytime we have had a problem they have been there to resolve it. In 2011 we finally converted our last pc over to all Mac desktop computers. We have two-Mac-Mini servers that our data resides on with in house & off site backups for all of our database.

On an average we install 100-150 On site Wastewater Treatments Systems per year. These will consist of new systems & repairs. Our loyalty is to the Residential customers who have helped us to become the largest septic installer in the surrounding counties. We have also provided septic systems for some of the largest Commercial & Industrial projects in our area. Our company has installed systems at the former Arsenal property. Including temporary onsite systems for the demolition crew, and then for the new Railroad & Trucking spur and Waste Managements Landfill site. A&R’s Trucking facility in Will & Grundy counties, Aux Sable Liquid Products, Joliet Park District’s Horticulture Center on Gougar Road, the Joliet Junior College Greenhouse project on Houbolt Road and numerous other plazas and churches throughout the surrounding area. It is a great sense of accomplishment to be involved with projects that are providing more jobs to the local communities.

Our best asset is that we are family owned and operated. Now you know what you will receive from us. Will you receive the same quality and personal care from the other companies? Every business has different overheads. We have the personnel, equipment and knowledge that a Full Service Septic & Drain Cleaning Company should have. There is always someone out there that costs a little less or a little more. But as you can see you will get quality & professionalism with Zeiter’s Septics Unlimited, Inc.

Full Service Septic Company vs. Non Full Service or Excavating Co.

They may cost less money but remember they are making money on the excavation. But more important is what happens before they leave and after they are gone. When we leave the job the septic system is ready to use. Do they know about soils & how septic systems work? Are they locating the septic in the proper area? Do they educate you the homeowner consumer on what you need to know about On site Wastewater Treatment Systems? Do they keep accurate tank & box locations for when you want to plant trees, put up a swimming pool or shed? What happens when a part of the system gets damaged from a concrete truck or during backfill or final grade/landscaping? And unfortunately this happens way too often. Do they have anything on file where to dig? And how are they going to see what they are trying to fix if there is effluent in the hole, you need a vacuum truck to pump the effluent out so you can work. This and much more is what a full service septic company will provide for you. The excavating company can not. We work alongside all the excavating companies out there and they are very reputable and professional at what they do. But excavating and installing an onsite Wastewater Treatment System for a home or business is not the same as excavating for a basement..

Our Bottom Line!

We want your business, and we will work hard to keep it. Zeiter’s Septics provides fast, dependable On site Wastewater Treatment Systems and septic tank service. We are available for residential, commercial, and industrial sewage treatment systems, including churches, restaurants, schools, recreational parks and centers, and other institutions. Whatever the size of the job we can be relied upon for fast, dependable service.

When it’s time to build or put an addition on to your existing home or business you will need a septic contractor who knows the state and county codes and who will get you through all the paperwork. You as a contractor or homeowner do not need to be bothered with these things. That is our job. We will work closely with you so that you fully understand what is going on each step of the way. If we could be of further assistance, or if you would like further information or a price sheet contact us by e-mail or call our office at 815-942-2829.