There are several types of septic system professionals which provide different services at different stages of a septic system’s lifetime. There are maintenance service providers, pumpers, designers, & installers. There are also full-service septic companies such as us. Beyond that, there are companies that only work with certain types of systems. That being said, choosing the right service provider can be tricky. Outlined below are a few questions to ask a septic system professional before scheduling an appointment.

Operation & Maintenance Providers:

You want to hire this professional to inspect and monitor your mechanical system.

Q: What will the inspection include? (Examples: inspection of tanks & drain field, cleaning filters, checking for leaks, providing repairs if necessary)

Q: Do you know how to service my type of system? (Examples: Fast, Ecoflo, Orenco, Norweco, Cavitette, BioBarrier, etc.)


You generally want to hire this professional every 3-5 years with a conventional system & every 1-2 years with a mechanical system. If you have a separate maintenance provider, s/he should recommend a pumping schedule based on his or her tank inspections, noting amount of solids, scum layer, etc.

Q: What is the estimated cost?

Q: Is there a dig fee?

Q: Do you inspect the tank & look/listen to see if it’s running back in from the field?

Q: Will you pump all components of the system? (Examples: trash tank, lift station, chlorine/contact chamber)


You’ll want to hire this professional for new installations, repairs, or alterations to your system. Many designers also perform inspections & maintenance as well as evaluate & repair problems.

Q: What are the estimated costs?

Q: What’s included in each bid? (Examples: site inspection, health department fees, extra visits?)


You hire installers when putting in a new system, repairing failed, or altering/expanding your current system. Many installers also inspect, pump, perform maintenance, & repair.

Q: What’s included in the cost? (Examples: design & installation, backfilling, spoil removal)

Q: Do you obtain the septic permit on our behalf and is the permit fee included?

Q: Does this system come with a warranty or service contract?

Q: Are there any extras available and at what cost?

In all, you want to look for experience, honesty, & professionalism in any septic provider. Check out their website and reviews! According to Cleaner Magazine, 63% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation (2021). There’s a reason for that, we live in a digital age wherein people share their honest service experiences with the next person trying to find a reputable company. As for us, we are a full-service septic and drain cleaning company that has serviced 13 counties for over 30 years-so if you live in one of them, give us a call.