EC7-PACK Coco Filter.

Open Bottom Unit.








Ecoflo Coco Filters

We are the local distributor & installer for the Premier Tech Ecoflo Coco Filter system in Illinois. We wanted to add them to our list of services for a variety of reasons. Not one type of wastewater treatment system will work on all sites. There are over 100,000 systems installed. The coco filter allows us with a wide variety of alternative solutions. They have the longest warranty of any product! Biomat buildup is contained inside the unit if & when it was to fail you simply vacuum it out and install new coco media and you start a new 10 year warranty. They have just released a 50% smaller compact units and the all in one series Eco PACK which is the septic tank and coco filter in one compact space. Ecoflo also has an open bottom Fiberglass unit that sits on top of a gravel bed, (raised filter bed). This system allows us to meet the requirements for vertical separations from the limiting layer, which in most sites is seasonal high water table. Please visit our Photo Albums  and downloads page for a brochure and more information.